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Who is a Natutarian?

“Natutarian” is one who co-exists with nature; following the laws of nature, where humans, animals, and plants are one single ecosystem, thriving collectively. The initiative “Natutarian” was founded, to help people learn to live in close alignment with nature, in a happy, stress and dis-ease free state, and prevent and manage their health issues better. These health problems are only an outcome of the unnatural lifestyle and habits of modern human existence in the industrial era.
Owing to the modern way of living, many of us lead unnatural lifestyles, have unhealthy food addictions and as a result, have to undergo unnatural chemical treatments. At Natutarian, we want to help individuals understand and transition to a holistic natural lifestyle. Here, people learn to improve their health ailments naturally and lead a healthy, free-spirited life, and, at the same time, help improve the environment and minimize animal cruelty.
The Natutarian family is growing, and we have many people learning and progressing towards Natutarian-ism. Each of them has experienced deep physical, emotional and mental benefits from walking this natural path less travelled.

Natural Insights

Inspirationsal insights in a snippet, straight from the lap of nature!

Natutarian Narratives: Testimonials

Some Natutarians sharing their own journey and experiences, who have benefited from natural living and experienced true health. CLICK HERE to read more Testimonials

Natutarian Speak

Sharing nature's path of health and well-being, the Natutarian way!

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